“This place is really awesome! They have friendly staff, efficient physical therapists, strong and capable massage therapists, and caring Chiropractic doctors! They also have the latest equipment to get you back to feeling normal again, and maybe just a little bit better. Additionally, they have a variety of CBD products with specials if you need those products. Seriously, if you are hurting -- go here.

My family was involved in an auto accident by a negligent teenager. We were all banged up pretty good. My neck and back were pretty screwed up and I had limited range of motion. The doctors really took the time to listen to our issues and designed a care plan to get us feeling well again. The physical therapists showed me some exercises I could do to get my neck turning the way it used to. They didn't just rush us through. They made sure that we were restored back to normal before discharging us. The doctor also waited until our case settled for payment.

One thing that impressed me with these doctors, was that I needed some traction for my lower back. I'm a big baby when it comes to some of these machines, and I am extremely claustrophobic. I initially couldn't do the traction machines that gently stretch out your lower back. One day, I built up enough courage to try it. Once I got belted in, I got a little squeamish. Doctor Grant literally held my hand and coached me through it to the point where I was relaxed and could cope with the treatment. He took 10 minutes out of his busy schedule and from seeing other patients to make sure I was ok and to help me get better despite my anxieties. That act of kindness really impressed me and showed me that this place isn't about the money. They really do care about helping people get better.

So, if you've been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you have a sports injury or if sitting in your cubicle all day is killing your posture, go see Serenity Healthcare!”

- David B.

“Great place! Staff is very knowledgeable. Staff also super friendly and made me feel comfortable.”

- Barbara D.

“I’ve had chronic back pain for over 20 years, and have suffered every day with little ability to walk. Eight months ago, I found Serenity Healthcare on Yelp, and saw all the wonderful reviews, so I thought I would give them a try, and I am so happy I did! I am now physically able to do many things I used to do with little to no pain. Dr Dan is extremely helpful and caring, and has gone over and above to make sure that I’m getting the treatments I need. Each person there is extremely friendly, and I have always had a good positive experience! I will continue to go for maintenance, and I am so thankful for all the assistance I received from everyone there.”

- Michele B.


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